Justin Allemeir

January 22, 1984 - March 25, 2002

A Few Words For You


I don't quite know what to say. When you left us I was so angry with you because I never got to say goodbye. You were a great friend to me and as March comes closer the feelings come with it. I just wanted to tell you a few words from my heart.

A million words couldn't bring you back I know because I've tried, Neither could a million tears I know because I've cried.

Once upon a time, something happened to me, it was the sweetest thing, that could ever be, a fantasy, a dream come true, it was the day that I met you. You were the friend that didn't talk much, we did when we first met on that ski trip to Colorado With the church and you started to date Brittany. I will never forget that trip because I met you and made a great friend and that you introduced us to Bo!

Bo loved you so much and it killed him when you left. Me and Bo have not talked since we laid you to rest. You should have seen him Justin. He missed you so much and i know that he andIi will never forget you. Everyone loved you and they all still love you so much and so do I. When my plane lands in Texas on March 25 you will be the first person that I will think of Justin. I will try to get the car so that I can pay you a visit.

I will love you forever Justin and I will never forget you

Love, Talia xxx

I will love you always

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