Justin Allemier

January 22 1984 - March 25 2002


I remember the first time that I met you. Me and my best friend Brittany sat next to you and Bo on the bus ride to Colorado with our church group. I remember that i liked you so much and i was so sad that Brit got to you before I did. I remember seeing you talk to someone on the bus ride home about how much you liked her. She loved you and she always will. Ever since then we were friends. We ever started to eat lunch together at McC the year that you left us so suddenly. I have always regreted talking to you more than we did. I remember going home for christmas 2004 and taking a late night drive to your house because I was thinking about you.

This coming March will be hard. But you also did a great thing for me when you did leave, you gave me and Chris Kyle the chance to become extreamly good friends. He moved away Junior year and I have not been able to contact him since and now that I am in the UK for school I will find him so that you can live again in our friendship. I will always love you Justin. You changed my life, you showed me how to ski! You took the time out to become my friend, and you took the time out to say hello after all we had been threw and I thank you for that.

I will never forget you Justin

You will always have a place in my heart,

Talia X

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