Ted (T.J) Carroll

February 16, 1997 - December 23, 2002

I'll Always Love You

Poem I wrote (From Your Son, TJ)

Mama, don't sit on that 'Pity-Pot,'
Try to be grateful for all you've got!
I know you well, as I'm your child...
Your feelings swing from hot to mild.
I watch you smile, I see you cry,
But Mama, I didn't mean to die!
I know your life has gotten worse--
It's almost like you've been cursed
Ever since that awful day
I couldn't help but go away.
When you cry, I'm always there,
Kissing every single tear.
And when you smile, I'm there with you,
Cuz when you're happy, I am too!
I know your thoughts and feelings well-- Most days, you feel you've been through hell...
A parent's worst nightmare, this is true, But Mama, I'm ALWAYS there with you!
I know you've felt me by your side
Ever since my body died.
But I'm there, Mama! This you know!
The physical me just had to go...
Spiritually, we will always be
Together for eternity!
Mama, you're still my number one girl...
I'm with you on that evil world,
Every minute, every day,
Making sure that you're O.K.
I know you've suffered more loss and pain, It seems to happen again and again...
But when it does, I tenderly mend
Your heart and make it gentle again.
See, Mama! I AM always there!
I love you Mama--I'll always care...
Don't sit on that pity-pot;
Be grateful for everything you've got!

I never meant to hurt you, Mom...
When the nights are soft and warm,
Watch my sunflowers and my trees
As they gently sway in the summer breeze-- Whenever you see the brightest star, It's one of my gifts for you from afar.
When a butterfly flitters by...
When you see rainbows in the sky...
When you hear my favorite song...
REMEMBER...I'm not REALLY gone!


Sandie Walston

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