Davian Alexander Armstrong

12-15-02 - 12-17-02

Never Goodbye Always Love

17 And Pregnant
Didn't know what to do
I thought about adoption
But I couldn't do that to you

Then I felt you kick
And I knew I was in love
How could I give you away
You are what Iam made of

And then that dreadful night
I started feeling pains
They rushed me to the hospital
I thought they were insane

They said that you were coming
I said it was to early
They gave me the anist
And said Ms. Armstong don't you worry

I woke up in that hospital room
All the doctors were around my bed
They said that you were still alive
And it's a miracle your not dead

I held you for the first time
Two days after you were born
God waited to take you from me
Until you were in my arms

You have a little sister now
She's only 5 months old
You would have been 2 this year
But I know you had to go

Your her guardian angel
So keep her safe from harm
I will always love you
My beautiful first born

I love you and even though you are gone in my heart you still live on Some people don't understand just how much I miss you


Shakeera Armstrong

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