Matthew Clayton Duve'

November 23, 2001 - May 22, 2004

To a Child in Heaven:

My Darling Matthew, you have gone to heaven to be eternally happy and are now in joy in the company of the holy innocents there. It was a thing hard for me to understand when you were taken from my arms, for parting with you has caused me grief that few can know. Yet in all my grief I am happy, very happy for you, because I know the joy that is yours. Your joy is now my joy, too, because I can always feel that I had a part in bring it to you. Now that you are in heaven, I realize that you are mine in a truer sense that you could ever be on earth. I cannot lose you now through sin. While parting with you was hard, I would not wish you back because I know that you are happier than I could ever make you here with me.

Help me, as you now can with your intercession, that I may be completely faithful to all my duties here on earth and merit to see you again eternal joys where there will be no more sorrow or parting from those we love.

Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, lover of little children, Hear my prayer!

(excerpted from Mothers' Manual by A. Frances Coomes, S.J.)

Bonnie K. Moore

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