Caleb Joseph Hogue

Febuary 26 2004 - Febuary 26 2004

Caleb, baby its been almost 3 months I should still be pregnant with you. I'm told it will get easier but I'd like to know when because im still missing you.

Beautiful baby boy

Caleb ? How are you? How have you been? How's my first born son I know I can't see you. You can't be shown but everytime I see a butterfly I know its you sending your love. When the wind blows, its just like your hugging me so when times get hard and I can't go on. I look to heaven and hear a beautiful song "Mommy don't cry , mommy in your eyes im just as much alive as from the day you found out I was inside of you Mommy please don't hurt mommy please because when you hurt I hurt too mommy I love you".

Farrah - No Tears In Heaven

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