Stephanie Marie Cortez

12-13-1980 - 04-23-2003

She's the sister I always wished I had. The two of us aren't related by blood, but our roots are just as entwined. Ever since she asked me to play hopscotch with her on that Easter Sunday back in 1984, we were bonded like crazy glue. So maybe we weren't on the phone with each other two, three, four times a day anymore; in fact we probably only talked a few times a month. The frequency of our calls weren't what mattered to each of us, it was knowing that we could confide in each other. I could tell Steph anything, and she'd never judge me. I knew that whenever I had a problem she'd listen to every last detail over and over again, and somehow always make me feel better. She knew my past cause it was our history. We would still laugh at the memory of her little brother peeing on everyone, and she could still rattle off the name of the boy we were running from she sprained her ankle. Nothing ever came between the two of us, and when she gave birth she made me the Godmother. I promised her I would return the honor, and even though she passed away, she's the Godmother of my children, my very best friend, and most of all; my sister.

Love Always, Your sister Niki

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