Katie Colella

April 23, 2001 - April 26, 2001

The deafening sound of silence,
The sounds of Katie at play
With the bunny and Crew in attendance,
Grasping my hands I can pray.
I pray that my child be happy,
And I pray that she thinks of her Mum
That she looks down on us with happiness,
In her heart there is warmth from the sun.
That she knows she is loved and adored,
treasured and missed so much
That her name brings tears of joy,
With the memory of a kiss and a touch
Of a face so beautiful and tender,
a wonder so rare to see.
That came as a gift from Heaven,
A gift from God, to me.
A gift that I swear I will cherish,
my devotion for the world to see
To hear the silence of Katie,
A silence that's deafening to me.

From Mummy XX

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