Melissa Renee Davis

October 20, 1976 - December 24, 1976

Loved with my heart, held tenderly in my soul. In loving memory of my presious child.

Each day I think of you and wonder, what kind of person you would have grown up to be, ho would you have shared your life with, would we have been friends too, not justmother and daughter. But those answer will never come and I can only remember a beautiful baby girl.

I love your smile, your giggle and even your cry.I miss you Melissa with every passing dayand every passing year. Until the day that I hold you again and feel thatbeautiful and full heart feeling of a mothers love not of a mother lost in a world where herchild is not there. I have kept your memory alive.

Your brother and sisters know you even though they never personally knew you.

We love you honey and we miss you!


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