Aaron Kristoffer Wreden

December 27, 1989 - August 9, 2002

To My Handsome Aaron:

My darling Aaron Kristoffer,

My Angel up above.

You filled the inside of my heart

With a unique and special love.

You weren’t just my oldest son,

You were also my closest friend.

We grew up together the best we could,

Because of that our love and bond won’t end.

It’s been a year since you’ve been gone,

For me that’s much too long.

It matters not whose fault it was,

Because either way it’s wrong.

All I ever wanted was a

Small, heartfelt “I’m sorry…….”

But for what I wished and what

I got was a completely different story.

Those two small words would not have

Admitted guilt nor labeled blame,

But would have showed me that he cared,

For if it were his son, he’d feel the same.

I’ve been searching all the world around

To find out who’s to blame.

Then sometimes I think that I’m the one,

And I hang my head in shame.

“Get in the car” I should have said.

God knows I wish had…….

But you were having so much fun

I knew that you’d get mad.

Some say your job on Earth was done,

And with them I don’t agree.

For in my mind and in my heart,

You should be home with me.

But now you are an Angel

Watching us from up above.

And even thought we’re realms apart,

I hope you feel my love.

I miss you with everything I am

More than words could ever say.

You’re in my thoughts and in my dreams

Every moment of everyday.

So until I get to see you again

In the new place that you call home,

I wish you love, serenity, and peace

And freedom of the world to roam.

I love you and miss you my handsome young son!

Love you always and forever, Mom


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