Jacob Turner

August 23, 2000 - September 17, 2002

You were born to us, o beatiful baby boy. You were not well. We nursed you, played with you, tenderly loved you every day of our lives. You thrived on attention and the love that you felt inside. You were an angel sent to us for a short period of time. We will never forget you. Your big beautfiul; blue eyes, smile, heart. You touched many people deep inside. We wished that we could feel your pain. We felt a lot of pain for you. You suffered so much. You never suffered from a lack of love and attention. You live in our hearts, our home, our minds. You are the butterfly we see in summer, a flower in bloom, the new baby bird in spring, the brightest start at night, the rainbow in the sky. You are everything beautiful in life. We miss you on this anniversary of your life and death.

I love you, Jacob

Love your mommy forever!

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