Daniel De Jesus Muniz

July 2, 2002 - July 18, 2002

Peanuts Forever

To my baby boy Daniel "Peanut"

Baby, Mommy & Daddy miss you so much. I miss so much sweet heart, I just wish your were here with your Mommy & Daddy right now. But God just wanted you; he just let me have you for a little bit. You are our daily talk; your Daddy & me always talk about you. We love talking about you and I love showing off your pictures. You are so beautiful baby that I just wish you were here with us. We miss you. We had so many plans for you, but I guess God had better plans for you. I know you're God's little angel and I know your in good hands. It's just so hard for me to realize that you're not here with your Mommy & Daddy.

I hope to see you very so sweetie!!

Love forever and always your Mommy & Daddy that love and miss you so much, Laura & Jr Muniz!! We love you baby peanut!!!!

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