Ronald Lee III Rowe

October 7, 1980 - September 28, 1998

Ron you are missed terribly by all of us...your family and friends. You are like the song says....a candle in the burned brightly, and was blown out to will always live in my heart!! You will always be with me! Sometimes I worry that I will forget your face...One night your sister started crying because she couldn't remember your teeth....funny how you take such minute things for granted. I have your pictures EVERYWHERE! I even have your wrestling shoes hanging in the computer room, along with a lot of your other stuff!!! We still have your dirt bike...I just can't get rid of it....I have your dirt bike helmet and your jersey next to my bed, I put your little suckie blanket from when you were a baby inside the helmet, sometimes I just reach over and rub it...and cry...I miss you so much...The last time I saw you before this happened, I was going to give you a kiss and a hug, but with your friends being there, I thought you get embarassed so I didn't.....HOW I REGRET THAT!!! I let feeling uneasy about not doing that....GOD I WISH I COULD GO BACK!! My gut told me just to do it, and my head told me not to embarrass you...I wish I had you now to embarrass!!! You had a good heart, and you were so gentle with kids...and they all knew it to!!! You would have been a super uncle to Mark. You would have made a wonderful father. I wish that you could have had a child so that we would have some of you left here with us....MY DEAREST RONNIE I WILL NEVER FORGET YOU AND I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU!!!

Love mom

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