Joseph Mark Frantz

February 19, 2002 - February 19, 2002

Angel Boy

Dear Joey:

I can't believe you are gone. Daddy and I couldn't wait for you to be here. We looked forward to it everyday. When they told us you were now asleep inside of me, my world fell apart and so did everyone who wanted to see you and hear your laugh, cries and watch you grow. They told me you were 4 pounds 3 ounces and 17 in a quarter inches long. When I held you in my arms I couldn't believe how bueatiful you were. You looked like mommy and had daddy's hair and other features as well. But I know you are in a place where you are growing everyday,laughing, playing and watching over everyone. I just wish you were here so I could see you, hld you, play and comfort you when you cry. But me and daddy will always love you and think of you everyday. You will always be our "Angel Boy". We will always love you. And remember our hearts will always beat with yours.

Love Mommy, Daddy and the rest of the family.

I was only 31 weeks along when I lost my Joey. I woke up in the early morning in savere stomach and back pain. My mother rushed me to Children's Hospital. They then did a sonogram and told me his heart beat was down to only 30 beats. They rushed me into delivery to have an emergency C-section, when they told me he was gone and there was nothing that could be done for him. I found out later after I gave birth to him that I had a massive blood clot and the placenta was torn. Which cut off his oxygen. And no one knew why this was there and what brought it about. They did blood work only to tell me that I had Lupus; the blood and immune disease. And that when I was younger I also had the Human 5th Disease other wise known as Parvo. Which they said came back when I got pregnant. And they are not sure yet on how I got the Lupus. When we had the autopsy report done it said that Joey was OK. That he didn't show any signs of having what they said I did. Which I was glad. But yet why isn't he here with me? They told me later, that even if they could have saved him that he would have been really sick, mentally retarded or would have never moved, talked or anything. Now I have to go through many doctor's to find out why this all happened and if I can ever have a healthy baby. The one doctor told me I can still have kids but I have to plan it and be put on medication in order for me not to bury another child. I asked why I was never tested for any of these things and they said that it's not common and that it's only done when something like this happens. Plus the insurance companies don't want to pay for it either. I advise anyone who has had Parvo to talk with your doctor about it and get tested for things that they don't normally tell you to. I don't want to see anyone go through what my family and I did.


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