Brittany Michelle Lange

06-05-95 - 12-18-01

Miss Brittany:

I write this because it has been 6 months and one day since Brittany was murdered. There is nothing in the newspaper nor the television news or radio anymore. It is like she never existed. No one mentions her crazy curly hair or how she sometimes seemed to trip over air. No one talks about her freckles or her skinny white legs or the way her smile showed the little gaps between each one of her straight, straight teeth. No one mentions how she had the capacity to make everyone nuts or how she would sometimes glare up at us with a defiance that I couldn't help but admire. No one mentions how she would never leave our house without hugging and saying good-bye to everyone. No one talks about her high-pitched giggle nor how she learned how to swim. No one can say how she cried when she couldn't keep the kitten she wanted or how jealous she was of that baby sister she loved so much. No one can speak of any of these things because Brittany died in a way that no little child deserves.

At the age of 6, Brittany was sexaully assaulted and murdered. I think of her every day. I just don't want her forgotten. She was a great niece.

Aunt Kelly

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