Jordan Clay Dibble

April 30, 1998 - September 8, 1998

Little Jordan Clay was a twin brother to Austin James, born at 27 weeks of age. At birth, Jordan was the little fighter. He was the healthier of the two babies and was the first to be on nasal cannula. Little did our family know, this would all come crashing down. He developed a disease called necrotizing entercolitis which perforated his bowel. He went through numerous surgeries and was a fighter through it all. Although I am just his aunt, I was with my sister and her husband through his entire life, staying with them at the NICU and becoming closer to him throughout his life. I will never forget his little eyes or his little lamb cry. His little brother will always know he has an angel up above, to keep him going strong and positive. Until we meet again, little Jordan, keep watching over us. We love you!! Love, Nesey (Natney--to Austin)

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