Michael Paul David Spinks

February 4, 2001 - March 5, 2001

My Angel:

When I knew you were growing inside me, I couldn't wait to see, the tiny little angel sent down to be with me.

I felt you move around as each day you grew and grew, and every time I felt a movement it was something totally new.

You were a determined little baby and you came out to find, that things were nothing like they were when you were still inside.

There was no food upon demand. It was all now done by a nurse's hand.

The warmth was taken right away, and was replaced by a house in which you'd stay.

I got to hold you in my arms one night, being careful not to squeeze too tight.

I never knew if you were here to stay. I was scared to get too attached incase you were taken away.

But to see you open up your eyes so wide, made it hard to keep my loving inside.

Your tiny little hands, your lovely little toes, my love for you my angel continuously grows.

When I knew the time had come to say goodbye, I had to try my hardest to make sure I didn't cry.

You had gone through so much in your short little life.

I couldn't begin to imagine your pain, yet there isn't one single person out there that I feel is to blame.

A laugh and a smile you gave me everyday. Your tiny unique personality grew in every single way.

But now as tears fall from my eyes to my face, I realise that no one can ever take your place.

I know that others may grow to forget you and to some you'll be a part of the past, but one thing's for sure my angel, your memories will forever last.

I see you up there one day but for now run free and play, but please my little angel look out for me in everyway.

Sleep tight babe.

All my love, Mummy xxxxxxx

Liverpool, Engalnd

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