Rohn Ethan Bo McKindy

October 1, 2000 - September 8, 2001

September 16,2001

Rohn was just 11 months old, when we lost him to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. We miss him so. He was such a treasure. He had a twinkle in his eyes, his soft brown hair mischeviously stood straight up in the back, and he had a smile that melted your heart. He taught his sister a new love, patience, and responsibility. They continue to cry for him on a regular basis, and pray for him each day. Thanking God that we had him for 11 months, and that he is happy in Heaven. His Dad has changed, his happy-go-lucky spirit has been altered, and I wonder if I buried a part of my spirit with him. We continue to pray for miracles, peace, rest and hope.

We miss our son, but take comfort in the fact that someday we will be reunited with him and it surely will be glorious time.

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