Chelsea McVeigh

6/16/85 - 6/16/98

She was a good girl who never wanted anyone to get hurt. I raised her that way.

But still she always had a knowledge of when something bad was going to happen to her. She had previously gotten into a verbal fight with another student. The fight ended with him saying " I'm gonna kill you." The next day she told me that she shouldn't go to school due to what this boy had said. I sent her off to school with out another thought about it. Later that day I received a phone call from the school. This is what happened...

Chelsea was eating lunch with her crowd of friends. Then the boy who had said he was going to kill her came up to her and told her to kiss him. She said no, and knowing my Chelsea probably called him a bad word, too. Good girl! Well he pulled a gun out of his pocket, and grabbed one of her friends by the neck, and holding the gun to her head, he told Chelsea to make love to him. "Let her go!" the Councilor went on telling me exactly
what happened.

" Why?" She demanded he let the girl go. The boy her friend up against the wall and was about to pull the trigger at this poor girl when Chelsea jumped out in front of this girl to protect her from the bullet. The boy shot the gun five times before he knew he was actually shooting Chelsea. Several of Chelsea's strong football guy friends tackled him down. Chelsea's boy friend ran over to Chelsea to see if she were alive. She was... barely.
She was rushed John Muir ER. But there was nothing they could do. She was bleeding to much, and her insides were torn to pieces. She died at 2:15.

When it was time for her memorial service there were over 1300 people there. Her beloved boyfriend When up to her coffin and whispered something that I was close enough to hear.

"I now pronounce us Man and Wife." Then slipped a diamond wedding ring on her finger. He slowly walked away... crying.

We all miss her so much and it feels good to tell her Brave story.

Thank you for listening.
Mrs. McVeigh

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