Judy Hood

March 6,1959 - August 16,1986



It's been 15 years since you died in the accident. I saw you that day in the funeral home and only then did it become real. I only hope that you didn't suffer. I hope that it was instant and that you felt no pain and call out for family who were 1500 miles away. I'll bet your surrounded by kids. You always wanted some but I guess God decided he needed a baby-sitter. Becky said that to her dad in her reasoning as to why you died. Well, if that's the case you are there and there are lots of kids there with you. Maybe the parents who have lost their kids can read this and know that their babies are being taken care of. Because you are the best.

I do wish though, that you were here to babysit Tommy. He's a very special little boy and I love him very much. He will know about you too.

You have Dad there too I'll bet. Keep him busy wood-working. You can. I miss you. I miss the talks that we could have been having. I need my sister to talk to about my problems and just to be sisters. The laughter, the tears, the pain and love. Things I miss and want to talk to you about. Just to have you around. To know my sister is just a few miles away and can be there. To talk about old times in Betterton and Houston and Houma. I still have the Doll and Sand. 15 yrs later and 1,500 miles in a moving van the sand is still in its jar and the design is still there. See I told you I'd take care of them for you.

Judy I do love you and miss you. I hope you know and knew that.


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