Derek Wayne Presley

October 9, 1980 - July 2, 2001

Derek, Bubba, Baby Brother,

Your are so very missed.
So very loved.
We know that all your rides are perfect now, and that you love that.
We will forever keep your love in our hearts, your smile in our eyes, your laughter in our ears, your jokes in our mind, and we will do our best to love life the way you did....I personally vow to make sure your beautiful little baby girl is taken care of!!!


Though the hurt is still fresh
I know in my heart you are at rest
Though my eyes are fill with tears
I know you will never again have any fears
Since you are always in my heart
We are never truly apart
Even though I can't make you laugh out loud
I can see your smile in ever cloud
Not a day goes by that my heart doesn't ache
I will worry not
To protect you, by your side in good old Jake
I love you baby brother
Sharla (LALA)

Sharla R. Wilson

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