Josh Blattner

07-11-2000 - 01-05-2001

After nine previous pregnancies, Josh was my first live birth. How exciting, but alas Josh was not looked after properly during his delivery and was born with severe Cerebral Palsy. I still loved him as he was still my lovely Josh and I just wanted to take him home. After four weeks in intensive care, my lovely boy came home. Yes it was difficult with his continual spasms; the fact that the longest he slept was three hours in every 24, and the fact that I was a single mum. But I still cherised and worshipped the ground he breathed on. Why did God decide that he was ready to take him back? He wasn't ready and I certainly was not.

Mummy will love you forever and more as each long day passes without you. XXX

Andrea Blattner

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