George Francis Poquette

September 3, 2000 - September 3, 2000

This memorial is in loving memory of my unborn younger brother. When I learned mom was pregnant with you George I acted like I was angry, that I didn't want a new sibling but inside I was so happy. The thoughts of a new baby running around the house made me smile. I got more excited every day waiting for you to arrive.

The day you died I came home from school and I immediately knew something was wrong. We were supposed to go on our annual Labor Day trip. But nothing was packed. Everyone was sleeping. I asked Dad when we were leaving, he told me to sit down. Then he told me that you died. I started to cry. I cried for three days even though no one else knew how upset I was. Mom had to deliver you a couple days after she lost you. Aunt Missi said she would take me to the hospital to see Mom. But I couldn't do it. It made me hurt so bad to see her. She was so sad. A few days later we had a memorial service for you. A lot of people were there for you. Grandma was there, so was Aunt Missi, and Aunt Kathy. Mom and Dad's friends were there, your cousins were there, even some of my friends and there parents came to support us. When you first died I was so angry at everyone; mom, dad, God. But the service made me realize God has a plan for each of us, and your plan was to be an angel.

So please George watch over Mom and Dad, me, and Dannie and Kirin. We all love you and we will always remember you. I Love You, Ashley

Ashley Poquette

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