Tyler Chase Rose

July 16, 1995 - September 22, 2000

You came to me as a gift from above
You brought me happiness, friendship and love
For five perfect years I had you to hold
You were my life, my whole heart and soul
You taught me to love unconditionally
You showed me things I could never before see
You took my hand and I wasn't afraid
You opened my eyes to the beauty God made
You touched my heart as no one else could
You listened to me, and you understood
But now you have flown to your home in the Sky
You left with no warning; no time to say Bye
You received the most shocking, yet glorious of things
You were given God's gift: Your Angel Wings
He choose you because you're so special and dear
And He knew that you needed to be there, not here
For what, I don't know, but He has a plan
And He needed you, to lend Him a hand
So I'll keep your memory alive on this earth
And try to smile through the tears and the hurt
For as long as I live and until my works done
My candle will burn for you, My Precious Son
And the joyous day when we meet again
I'll take you in my arms and there will be no end.

Tyler had so much to live for and so much to offer this cold and lonely world. He was only 5 years old and was taken so unexpectedly and suddendly. Never the chance to say bye, or tell him how very proud we are of him. We know he knows, but how nice it would have been to had the chance to tell him.

Tyler, I love you and can't imagine what life is going to be like without you. It has been just over 6 months, and I can only say that with time, it doesn't get better. I only miss you more. My only prayer is that you are truly happy, and where you want to be. I will teach your baby brother to play soccer. Watch over him, okay? You brought me so much joy, Tyler. I can't imagine a mother loving her son any more than I love you. Until I can hold you in my arms, I will hold you in my heart. I love you to the sky and back, and I do love you more!

(Tanya Rose)

Memorial Site for Tyler

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