Jonathan Wayne Jr Hobbs

December 2,1997 - December 2,1997

Family Grave

My Dearest Little Boy: You were born to me on December 2,1997 at 9:08am without a single sigh. I remember holding your lifeless body in my arms not wanting to say Good-bye. We had so much planned, so much in store, so why did you have to become an Angel and fly? Although I'll never understand what went so wrong or why God said it's time. I couldn't wait to hear your soft cry, see you crawl, or even take those first few steps, just to hear you say Mommy and Daddy would of been fine, but since you were called on from up above, while I'm here finishing this journey I've been set to do, I want you to know that the short little life you spent inside of me has had a very special meaning that on one can ever replace. I promise to always remember everything about you, your face, mouth, finger, legs, toes and every inch of hair you had on your head. I carry your your little footprints around with me every where I go and that's in this beating heart of mine.

Thank you god for giving me such a beautiful Angle, I know now he's in good keeping, although I can't see him play or even smile I know in this heart of mine he's doing just fine. One thing I know for sure is that I love you with all of my heart and know matter the distance between us with life and death, you sure have impacted everything about me. So while I'm here and your there, just know one thing Son, there's not a day that passes me by that your not on my mind.
Well as I say good-bye on last time, I will ask the Dear Lord, to take good care of you while I'm far away. I know one day I will have the honor to be your Mother again, but until that day My Dear Sweet Angle, Take care. I will love you always and forever, sleep tight My Little Boy until we meet again someday.

Your Mommy


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