Alexander Gene Harrison

May 4, 2000 - December 13, 2000

SIDS Loss of Nephew

Dear Little Man

We all loved you so much but God took you home far too early. Little Alex had stopped breathing one Friday so his Mummy, my sister, revived him and got him to hospital. They had him onlife suport for 2 days, then just on a breathing machine. Lots of tests were done to find out why you stopped breathing but they found nothing. On the following Wednesday, 13th december 2000, you were discharghed from hospital with 'severe reflux'. They didn't have a clue. At 8:50pm that night my poor sweet little sister found you in bed not breathing. How her heart must have broken. Just hours after leaving hospital and you had gone home to God. The paramedics tried to bring you back but to no avail. You had left this world for a better place.

Sweet little man. I loved you so much. Little man, how we all miss you and cry for you every day. Our grief will never stop. We will never forget you, our precious little man. I send kisses, via God, to you every day.

Lots of love sweet little one, Aunty Renee

Renee Cashmore

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